Chilli has been a passion of me, Gerald Zhang-Schmidt, for decades. Increasingly, Sichuan pepper also fascinated me.

Fantastic Spices

In my research into chilli in China and Sichuan pepper, I found only too much that is fantastic in history, flavor, and use.

Too much that should be used more.

Regional Rural Development

Much of that is also a regional product, grown by small farmers.

Thus, it links landrace preservation and traditional (or new, organic) production and rural development.

In Asia, and particularly in China, this is an interesting trend. There is not only urbanization and industrialization, there are also developments towards organic agriculture and regionality.

Needed Support

Such initiatives and developments need support, though. Thus, it is time to get into business.

Now, I am unlikely to become an outright businessman any time soon. I do want to start this trial of to support the spread and best uses of chile peppers and Sichuan peppers (especially) from China.

First Steps

In the current first step, I am offering some select spices for a fee, not as a sale, but individual-to-individual. I want to see if this can’t make them better known and help evaluate and develop interest.